Once there was a thread

04. Mai 2006

Vor einigen Wochen hatten wir das Thema "Prozesse" in der Vorlesung "Konzepte und Methoden der Systemsoftware". Und zu diesem Thema hat unser Prof irgendwoher dieses Gedicht ausgekramt:

Once there was a thread,
that would not go to bed.
I told it: "join now, wait",
but it was too late.
My child was gone, out far away.
What was there left to say?
I took a breath
and called the reaper:
SIGKILL brought death,
but it went depper.
Without that thread,
me too was dead!
The last thing that I did?
I gave that interrupt a hit!
Now I leave the world of thee
and blue will be the screen you see!